Matt Bua  b-home NOW!  A Retrospective at Hi-lo  -List of Works and Prices

Early Years

Tiger Painting-  Oil on Canvas- 1982, size (18 x24) A painting I made at a Y WCA oil painting class… Frame made by my Dad   NFS

Prehistoric Bear Hunt- Redrawing of Rod Ruth’s drawing.  I pestered my Dad to draw a version of this for me. It was around 18 x 24, in pencil, which is now lost. This is my version I made for the forward of the Talking Walls book.   $600

Animal wood block  print- made in JR High (Roland Grise aka “the Black Knights” NFS

Spread the Good News” this was for some type of Poster contest. I’m not sure what type of good news I thought it was back then, but now I have a new appreciation for the “Good News” to come! Ask me about it- I love that conversation dearly-NFS

St. Mary’s Church, Wilmington NC  marker on Paper  1980? 10 years old  $600

Bob Marley Drawing-   Made in Highschool, using the grid technique to create a “photographic” reproduction      $1500

Star Wars Knock-off – 12 year old copy, with some recent Mandela Effect and A.I. jokes overlaid. NFS

Black Panther Comic Splash page- My favorite  Marvel character more for his costume since I didn’t have any of the actual comics to read. Found on a trip to Hawaii in my 20’s. NFS  displayed in the north front window.


I Was a Teenage Scientologist -18 x 24 inches ,ink on paper - comic strip..  Made years after the fact, about my dabbling in L.Ron’s renowned “Religion” during the end of my High school. Displayed in the North Street window.

College- East Carolina University  aka “the Pirates”- In Greenville NC

Mind Blown comic strip- 1992 Ink on Paper 18x 24”. My celebration of entropy, obliterations and rebirth in my own collegiate way.  $1300

Bind Mown Flower - I believe I based this drawing on a study of an orange where I ended up sculpting small clay psychedelic versions of this citrus fruit . $1200

Various Flyers from High School till Now- Prices upon request

The Waffle Iron  Genesis  Theory- Multi paneled- 1993, 11 x 17”. I made this in my Illustration class in which I stayed up all night stippling with the finest Rapid-o-graph pen I had. God is Great! Rapido graph – Not!  $1500

Beast of Revelations Stained Glass- Colored Pencil- 18 x 24”- (the Shape of Zines to come) see the Day-GLO yellow zine   $1,500

Prey Pray- PLAY- (or P3 III) 10 ft by 10 ft- 6 panels. This large piece was found in deep storage and hasn’t seen the light of day since around 1994. I was planning on having my thesis show at an old dilapidated Church in Greenville NC. I spoke with the owner, a judge from Ayden NC, who said “Sure, use the building” but it turned out the building was seriously condemned and I was forbidden by the city to be in it. I took the alter frame and my painting with me which I finished later and displayed in my last minute show venue.  $6 to $8,000

Sun Ra Multi Block Print- 1992-  As Sun Ra use to say “Resist me- Refuse Me and Make me Stronger” he also said “first comes the glory, then comes the shame- Just like Mike Tyson”    $400

The Self Butt Portrait Assignment -acrylic on canvas 17 x 20” $1200

NYC- 1994- 2014-ish

Tantrums Record Covers-2001-2004 The band (Lisa Marie Ludwig, Michael Pavlak, Brent McKoy and myself printed 200  7 inch records. I hand drew them all, but then kept buying more empty white sleeves and continuing the series until there were 600 or so of them. Many different styles and subject were hashed out during this period. 300$ each

Killer Art- A drawing that minds the wide world of some of the more hurtful things art has been accused of over the years… 2006-8  2,500-5,000$

L.Ron- Crowley- Volcano research Sketch-  $1000

Under Island was  a project with Carrie Dashow and Jesse Bercowetz which delved into the Myth that Roosevelt Island was a living- Breathing creature that has been trying to tell us something for a long time.  $1000

Pent- Up and Undergone- Also with Carrie Dashow and Jesse Bercowetz, was how the beast of Roosevelt Island kept haunting our brains.(Xerox copy)

Truck Drawing 2 photos (with Jesse Bercowetz and Ward Shelley) – This was a follow up to Truck Drawing 1 that took place in Cambridge MA in which we abused an old ford Econo line van for the sake of Art Making  Photo.

Bands with the word “Death- Die and Dead in their Name(2005)-I’m sure there are a thousand more now than at the time the piece was made. Made at the Marie Walsh Sharpe studio in Tribeca $3,000

Pink Drawing-  Partially inspired by now Neighbor and Friend-Portia Munson’s Pink Project- A piece I saw and was impacted by  in the mid 1990’s in the Bad Girls Show at the New Museum. I dream that one day Portia and I will make a “little Pink-House” roadside attraction somewhere on a road near you. All things Pink!  What did I miss? This work also spent time in Paula Lalalala’s Guest Room in her Museum. Displayed in front North Window $3500

Thule- Bovril and Magic Bullets --- What is the connection between Thule Roof racks, Bovril Vege-e-sauce and the JFK hit? $1,200   add article from the Subliminal State Issue

“Pack-O- Mules Way”.   Made at the Triangle studio Program in DUMBO Brooklyn- In this Drawing- Corbusier-aka “The Crow like one” is the enemy of that Sexy Curve. He hated the “Pack-o- mules” ways of Paris and now we have places like Brasilia to thank him indirectly for.  Mother Nature’s Child would not have any of this for even a second.

World Grid- Square World- Round Magical Earth. (5ft x3.5ft) Biggesh, Paint and ink on paper. This drawing tackles the ideas around why Tesla had such a hard time with Ionosphere blasting of electricity from his tower on Long Island where those with “receivers” could literally “grab power” from the sky. This piece was made for the “Off- The Grid” show at the Neuburger Museum in SUNY Purchase curated by Galen Joseph Hunter  $4000

Throwin Horns- The Rock Stadium… This piece is with Jesse Bercowetz which was part of our Show: “Things Got Legs” at Derek Eller’s Gallery in 2006. Price: gotta check with JB. Located over Nurya South Bench at the entrance

Head Headers and More Heads ”  ink on Paper- 18 x 24  $1300 each.

Mercury research--- all things Mercury- … from Freddy to Calder’s Mercury Fountain and lots in between.  $2000

Higher Forms of Life-Former Lives on High- 11 x 17 ink on Bristol Board- Framed- A later version of a slogan tauted myself and Jesse Bercowetz.

India Collaboration with Udaipur Artist.  My black Ink drawing with his color ­interpretation of it.  I think he worked 3 days on it. NFS

Museum of fantastic feats from the world of small boating- ink on Bristol board- 11 x 17 inches. Made for the show “Sea Worthy” at the Elizabeth Foundation NYC $999

The Bow House- Drawing /Flyer—Bow Wow-Wow, Bow Ties, Bowery Bums, Ship Bow’s and Boat Architecture all wrapped in to one place.  Made at the Headlands Residency in Sausalito CA.-$999

Trophy Head from The Trophy Head Series- made with Jesse Bercowetz-2003 ish- Price: I’d have to check with him

Catskill 2006- Present

Early Boston Archeo Astrological Map- Using alignments figured out by E.C. Krupp, I was able to overlay them over an early Map of Boston (once called by the Native People- the Shawmut peninsula (living waters) in which I used Mount Beacon, the largest of the so called “Tri- Mount” range, and lo and behold, they all lined up very nicely. Repaired after the squirrels nibbled on it.    $1200

A brief history of the “ Road Movie”.  This piece was made for the Big Sculpture Show at the Bridge Street Theater a few years back.   $1,500

Talking Walls Supplemental Material .01- 11 x17 ink on Bristol board(cold pressed)-This informational drawing was added to later editions of Talking Walls to further deal with deduction techniques used to determine the age, type and how to map the stone work in your immediate area. Lathe frame, wood for back possibly from dumpster  which was out in front of village pizza.

Things That Cross My Mind While Dusting Off Old Stone Work-.11 x 17, ink on Bristol board(hot pressed)- How many sci-fi/Gaia-Fi references does one drawing really need?

Album Art made with the Students at the Catskill Community Center for the WGXC Catskill Studio that lasted for 3 or so years—With Chloe O’Donnell, Amari and Isaiah Hayden and others. NFS

Early Proposal Drawing for the Awakened Rip Sculpture- 11 x 17 ink on Bristol board.  $900 location : in the South window on the Street.

Advertisement for the Awakened Rip Sculpture- Ink on Bristol Board- Framed, $1000 in the south street window.

Various Catskill Maps by Myself,  Evan Pritchard and Mollie Dash. Copies can be obtained from the creators of the maps and at MagPie Books just down the road a bit on the other side of the street.

Work from Upcoming Gnostic  Book: Illustrated fragments from a Faith Remembered- price upon request.

Help Us Re-Imagine 80 bridge st- 2019 Framed ink drawing- $900 –displayed in front north window.

Various Chairs- wood, hose, etc- prices upon request- in front windows