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UPCOMING: Uncanny Melodies curated by Susan Jennings Sept 27 - Nov 18

Susan Jennings, beloved artist, curator, and one founder of LABspace in Hillsdale, NY, has brought together six artist for this group exhibition. Each makes work using surprising juxtapositions of material, uncanny relationships, dialogues, and associations that arise and delight. Each has accomplished serious investment in materiality and personal visual voice through the discovery of unusual material use, novel combinations, and/or idiosynchratic expression. The artists include: Jessica Gaddis, Danial Giordano, Will McLoud, Julie Torres, Henry Williams, and Celeste Wilson. The show runs from 9/27 to 11/18 during HiLo business hours.

The artist Susan Jennings has been curating art exhibits since 2006 in sometimes surprising contexts such as city or small town parks, occasionally with permission and usually without. She is one of the founders of LABspace in Hillsdale which she directed for 4 years. There, she curated over 40 exhibits and gallery performances, events and happenings. Most recently Jennings has curated and co-curated two exhibitions in the large and beautiful space of The Re-Institute on Sky Farm in Millerton, NY.

The Opening Reception will be Friday, September 27th, from 6 to 9pm. Hope to see you there!

ALSO UPCOMING: Paul Sunday Nov 22 - Jan 19


!!! Closing Event Sunday, September 22, 11am - 1pm with music and Camp Now coffee!!!

Matt Bua makes small scale improvised buildings, hand-built people's museums and roadside attractions.

His recent work takes the form of mystical spaces that redefine and re-imagine found objects - and sustainable resources - as functional elements in his building process.

Over the last ten years, Bua has created multiple public spaces in his home town of Catskill, NY - including the Catamount Peoples’ Museum, the WGXC Studio in the Catskill Community Center, The Young Peoples’ Museum, the Open-Air Classroom, the Art of Play- Play Space, The Awakened Rip Sculpture, and the Camp Now Holiday Pop-Up.

In addition, he has been hard at work creating a fantastical sculpture park in the woods. Bua’s mythical repurposed city, b-home, is a collaborative construction of small scale vernacular, experimental, and visionary architecture samples located on a piece of land in Catskill, NY. This large span of work is an art studio with a sculpture park. It contains lithic remains from cultures of the past and, at the heart of the wooded world, stands strong, a hand built cabin in which Bua lived as he came to write the ground breaking book “Talking Walls: Casting Out the Post-Contact Stone-Wall-Building Myth.”

After thirteen years, this work – forever a work in progress - is being prepared to serve as an educational destination location for any students, artists, families, and others interested in learning the art of intuitive building while also having retreats, studying living off the grid, and talking about/with indigenous stone work.

Other works: His book "Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings" - which grew out of the on-line active archive - was edited in collaboration with Maximillian Goldfarb and published by Laurence King in 2012. Bua’s most research around Washington Irving’s famed “Post Script to Rip Van Winkle’ was released in 2018, when the eyes of the Awakened Rip sculpture opened first at main and Summit in Catskill Village on 8-8-2018.Some Links to Works: Cribs to Cribbage at Mass MoCA, Catamount People’s MuseumOpen Air Catskill Projects, b-home Studio, work with Jesse Bercowetz , Drawing Building

Books: Washington Irving and the Great Manitou Transmission of 1818, Talking Walls- the BookArchitectural Inventions, Stephen Hren’s Tales from the Sustainable Underground